There are a number of talents available to those who adventure in the world of Torata, and below is comprehensive list in alphabetical order. Magical Spells are handled separately to avoid confusion.

Acidic Saliva (5 XP, Dwarf Racial)
The Dwarves of Torata have incredibly acidic spittle. A mouthful of their saliva can easily dissolve wood in a few minutes, and is often used to weaken stone when mining. Metal can likewise be corroded within a few minutes. If a Dwarf spits on any surface, the DC to break that surface drops by one step after 60 seconds.

Acrobat (1 XP)
Characters with the acrobat talent can use athletics to tumble, flip, contort their body, and do precision jumps (like diving through a window or leaping onto a thin beam).

Altered State (2 XP)
A character with the altered state receives a +1 bonus to one stat and a -1 penalty to another while the state is active. This could be a drunken master who, when inebriated, gains a +1 agility and a -1 intelligence, or it might be a barbarian who, when raging, gets a +1 strength and a -1 charisma. It might even be a monk's meditative state, where they get a +1 to intelligence but a -1 to agility. Each time this talent is taken it adds another +1 and -1 to the same stats in the same state or to a new state. This talent can never push a stat above +5 or below +0.

Animal Kinship (1 XP)
Characters with the animal kinship talent don't take any penalty when using diplomacy to affect animals. Normally this increases the DC by one step.

Armor Proficiency (3 XP)
This talent allows characters to use medium and heavy armor to their full benefits. Normally if a character without training tries to use medium or heavy armor, they only get a single reroll, but still incur the full penalties of the armor they're wearing.

Armored Acrobat (3 XP)
A character with this talent doesn't take the normal penalty for wearing light armor, but still retains the defensive reroll that light armor grants. This benefit doesn't extend to medium or heavy armor, which both still impose their full penalties.

Child of the Sun (2 XP, human racial)
As a child of Xeshi, you suffer no ill effects from prolonged exposure to the sun. This means you never suffer sunburn or heat stroke, and your rate of dehydration is the same regardless of your environment.

Chloroplasts (2 XP, Orc racial)
All Orcs have the ability to consume and absorb the chloroplasts in the plants around them. This means that once an Orc eats vegetable matter for the first time, the chloroplasts bond to their cells, allowing them to photosynthesize their own food. As long as an Orc has access to water, soil, sunlight, and air they can make their own energy and do not need to eat. Orcs that photosynthesize frequently have a much greener caste to their skin. In the Namu tribe, this is often seen as a mark of poverty or lack of hunting prowess.

Companion (5 XP)
A character with the companion talent has a strong connection with a particular NPC. This could take the form of a significant other, a crew member, a sidekick, an animal, or simply a very good friend. The companion will generally go wherever your character goes, and will also usually follow orders within reason, though if an order would put them into danger they may refuse. The GM ultimately controls any companions you may have. Companions should be statted out as starting characters, and they grow and level the way normal characters do. Each time this talent is taken it applies to a new companion.

Connections (2 XP)
Each time the connections talent is taken, you may pick one NPC as a connection. This might be a rare art collector, a doctor who takes any case, no questions asked, or a black market dealer who trades in illegal goods. This talent doesn't mean that the NPC necessarily helps you for free. Rather, they allow rare goods to be obtained at all, common goods to be obtained at a deep discount, and very common or cheap services or goods to be obtained for free. It could also be an informant who gathers local gossip or does research for the character, usually for a price. Often this price is information or a favor.

Credentials (3 XP)
A character with the credentials talent has access to an ability or a geographical location that others may not. This could be security clearance, a cop's badge, a driver's license, or even a college membership. Generally speaking, credentials are anything that requires the character to carry a membership card or badge on them at all times. Each time this talent is taken it applies to a new set of credentials.

Darkvision (3 XP, Gnome/Dwarf racial)
Characters with darkvision can see in the dark better than others. This night vision is black-and-white.

Extra Wound (5 XP)
This talent gives a character one extra wound on top of their normal amount. This talent can only be taken once.

Fast Caster (4 XP)
Characters with the fast caster talent can cast spells that would normally be a full round action as a half-round action instead

Gills (5 XP, Elf racial)
The Elves of Torata have a deep bond with the seas. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of this bond is their ability to breathe underwater. All Elves have gill slits running down the sides of their neck and along their collarbones.

Graceful (3 XP)
This talent allows a character to move 20 feet and perform another half-round action in the space of a single half-round action once per turn or move 50 feet and still do something that would normally count as a half-round action in one round.

Improvisation (1 XP)
Characters with the improvisation talent do not increase the DC of skill checks made with improvised tools the way a normal character would.

Literacy (1 XP)
Not all characters begin with the ability to read. In many settings the literacy talent is restricted only to those who have had formal educations. However, in other settings, this may be given as a free talent by your GM (modern or futuristic settings). Literacy enables your character to read a single language. This talent may only be taken at character creation. However, if your character hits the 5th rank of the language skill, they may automatically receive the appropriate literacy talent as well if it is appropriate.

Mass Spell (5 XP)
Casters with the mass spell talent can cast spells on multiple targets at once. Each additional target causes the DC of the spell to go up by one category.

Medium (1 XP, Gnome racial)
The gnomes of Torata have spent centuries refining the intricate invocation spells they're so well known for. As a result, the DC of the "Speak with Dead" spell is always one step lower for Gnomish mediums.

Multiattack (4 XP)
This talent reduces the duration of an attack to a half-round action, rather than a full-round, allowing characters to attack twice in the same round. Each attack in this manner may contain up to 10 feet of movement.

Polyglot (1 XP)
This talent allows a character to speak one language fluently, without the possibility of mistranslation or misspeaking. When a character hits rank 5 of the language skill they automatically receive the corresponding polyglot talent. Otherwise this talent can only be taken at character creation.

Rich (3 XP)
Characters with the rich talent begin play with twice as much starting money as other characters if you're using the slow method of item generation. If you're using the fast method, they receive another special item and each mundane item slot they expend on money is worth twice as much. This talent can only be taken once, during character creation.

Skinchanger (7 XP, shifter racial)
All shifters racially possess the skinchanger talent. This allows them to take the physical form of any of the other four "Lower Races" of Torata (Elves, Orcs, gnomes, and humans). The talent "Wildskin" allows shifters to shift into animals as well. A shifter using the skinchanger talent to shift their form may shift their entire body, or simply a portion of it. For example, they could shift just their eye color, or their entire race. Any physical feature that would normally require a talent (Gills, Chloroplasts etc.) is merely cosmetic and doesn't function.

Spell Turning (3 XP)
A character with the spell turning talent can turn magical attacks back on their casters. When trying to counterspell (defend against a spell using magic), if a character with the spell turning talent beats an attackers casting check by 5 or more with their opposed casting check, they may reflect the spell back onto the caster.

Stat Boost (5 XP)
This talent increases a single stat by one point. It can be taken four times. (This effectively gives you up to four extra stat points to work with, since you can rearrange one stat point by spending a point of XP)

Vicious Parry (3 XP)
When a character with the vicious parry talent beats an attacker's melee ( ) roll by 5 or more while defending, they may choose to perform one of the following actions on their opponent: disarm, trip, 5-foot shove, or grapple.

Wildskin (7 XP)
The wildskin talent allows shifters to shift their form into that of wild animals or even plants - so long as the organism they shift into has the same total mass as they do. This means that a shifter can never become a bear or a moth. Animals like wolves, sharks, large birds, and even pythons are acceptable however. A shifter with this talent can use their ability to partially shift to manifest claws or even natural armor (which functions exactly the same as regular armor).